Mountain People Continue In The Pursuit Of Haywood Co. Terrestrials

By Harry G. Lee

     Jacksonville Shell Club members Billie and Paul Brown have just returned from a visit to "The Cabin," located at about 3500 ft. on the flank of James Mt., near Asheville, North Carolina.  For the first time, Billie was kind enough to retrieve a living slug to share with club members.  Along with this were a few other snails taken alive near the retreat where Paul and she have spent many relaxed and enjoyable vacations.  The Jan.-Feb., 1990 Shell-O-Gram carried an article detailing the 37 species, 18 previously unreported from the county, collected by the two of them (and on two occasions with the help of the late Bonnie Holiman).  Along with an account of the larger species, it analyzed the retrieval of 540 specimens of 28 "micro-" species from a soil sample obtained by Billie and sorted by the writer.  Over the last thirteen years, some emendations have become appropriate (including the availability of codified vernacular names, generic reassignments, one date change, typo- corrections, and the reidentification of one Stenotrema species).  The updated list (increased to 38 taxa by virtue of the slug discovery) and illustrations of the five living snails Billie brought home complete this little report.

     Snails collected by Billie Brown, Paul Brown, and Bonnie Holiman near The Cabin, James Mt., Haywood Co., North Carolina 1986-2003 (38 spp.)
Carychium clappi Hubricht, 1959 Appalachian Thorn
Carychium nannodes G. H. Clapp, 1905 File Thorn
Gastrocopta corticaria (Say, 1817) Bark Snaggletooth
Vertigo gouldii (A. Binney, 1843) Variable Vertigo
Haplotrema concavum (Say, 1821) Gray-foot Lancetooth
Punctum blandianum Pilsbry, 1900 Brown Spot
Punctum minutissimum (I. Lea, 1841) Small Spot
Punctum vitreum (H. B. Baker, 1930) Glass Spot
Helicodiscus fimbriatus (Wetherby, 1881) Fringed Coil
Lucilla scintilla (Lowe, 1852) [+ L. inermis (H. B. Baker, 1929)] Oldfield Coil
Lucilla scintilla (Lowe, 1852) [+ L. inermis (H. B. Baker, 1929)] Oldfield Coil [click on image for a larger version]
Anguispira jessica Kutchka, 1938 Mountain Tigersnail
Discus patulus (Deshayes, 1832) Domed Disc
Arion subfuscus (Draparnaud, 1805) Dusky Arion*
Arion subfuscus (Draparnaud, 1805) Dusky Arion
Guppya sterkii (Dall, 1886) Temperate Granule
Glyphyalinia sculptilis (Bland, 1858) Suborb Glyph
Hawaiia minuscula (A. Binney, 1841) Minute Gem
Mesomphix andrewsae (Pilsbry, 1895) Mountain Button
Mesomphix cupreus (Rafinesque, 1831) Copper Button
Mesomphix rugeli (W. G. Binney, 1879) Wrinkled Button
Mesomphix subplanus (A. Binney, 1842) Flat Button
Mesomphix subplanus (A. Binney, 1842) Flat Button
Paravitrea andrewsae (W. G. Binney, 1879) High Mountain Supercoil
Paravitrea lamellidens (Pilsbry, 1898) Lamellate Supercoil
Paravitrea multidentata (A. Binney, 1841) Dentate Supercoil
Pilsbryna nodopalma Slapcinsky and Coles, 2004 [emended 8/26/04]**
Striatura meridionalis (Pilsbry and Ferriss, 1906) Southern Striate***
Ventridens arcellus Hubricht, 1976 Golden Dome
Ventridens arcellus Hubricht, 1976 Golden Dome
Ventridens decussatus (Walker and Pilsbry, 1902) Crossed Dome
Ventridens decussatus (Walker and Pilsbry, 1902) Crossed Dome
Vitrinizonites latissimus (Lewis, 1875) Glassy Grapeskin
Vitrinizonites latissimus (Lewis, 1875) Glassy Grapeskin
Zonitoides arboreus (Say, 1817) Quick Gloss
Zonitoides elliotti (Redfield, 1856) Green Dome
Fumonelix wheatleyi (Bland, 1860) Cinnamon Covert
Fumonelix wheatleyi (Bland, 1860) Cinnamon Covert
Inflectarius rugeli (Shuttleworth, 1852) Deep-tooth Shagreen
Mesodon normalis (Pilsbry, 1900) Grand Globe
Mesodon zaletus (A. Binney, 1837) Toothed Globe
Patera perigrapta (Pilsbry, 1894) Engraved Bladetooth
Stenotrema altispira (Pilsbry, 1894) Highland Slitmouth
Stenotrema pilula (Pilsbry, 1900) Pigmy Slitmouth
Triodopsis tridentata (Say, 1817) Northern Threetooth

* added October, 2003. This is the only non-native snail in this inventory

** [added 8/26/04] This species was named some 14 years after its discovery was announced in the Shell-O-Gram and less than a year after the original version of this article appeared.  The authors credited us with the scoop, and the type locality is Billie and Paul's cabin property! Ref.: Slapcinsky, J. and B. Coles, 2004 Revision of the genus Pilsbryna (Gastrocopta: Pulmonata: Gastrodontidae) and comments on the taxonomic status of Pilsbryna tridens Morrison, 1935.  The Nautilus 118(2): 55-70, June 29.

*** The vernacular name "Median Striate" is based on a mistranslation of the scientific name in Turgeon, D. D., J. F. Quinn, Jr., A. E. Bogan, E. V. Coan, F. G. Hochberg, W. G. Lyons, P. M. Mikkelsen, R. J. Neves, C. F. E. Roper, G. Rosenberg, B. Roth, A. Scheltema, F. G. Thompson, M. Vecchione and J. D. Williams, 1998.  Common and scientific names of aquatic invertebrates from the United States and Canada: mollusks, 2nd edition. American Fisheries Society, Special Publication 26, Bethesda, Maryland.  It is herewith replaced.