Cyber Success

By Bill Frank

Allison Dubs and her science fair project

     I recently received a phone call from Ms. Kathy Dubs in Billings, Montana.  It seems that her daughter, Allison was doing a science fair project dealing with "Seashell Sound" or more precisely - what is it you hear when you hold a seashell up to your ear.  Ms. Dubs and her daughter had found the Jacksonville Shell Club Home Page on the Internet and had turned to us for assistance.

    After providing Ms. Dubs a verbal explanation, I visited the Conchologists of America (COA) Home Page on the Internet as well as the COA Conch-L Listserver archives and assembled all available material on the subject and sent it to Ms. Dubs via Electronic Mail. Fortuitously, a lengthy discussion of this very topic had just taken place on the Listserver only a couple of weeks previously and a wealth of information was available.

    On May 2nd, a card was received from Allison which read as follows:  "Dear Mr. Frank, I want to thank you and the Jacksonville Shell Club very much for the information you sent me via E-mail for my science fair project. Many people stopped by to look at it, read the information and listened to my shell. Thanks again, Allison Dubs."